Personalised Event Management: Customer Engagement Through Knowledge

More worth from what you know: personalised guest lists

Snafflz Case Study: MotorVillage


Nobody knows their guests better than event managers, but if that knowledge isn’t to hand on the guestlist, numerous opportunities for personal, extra-mile service are lost.

Does your event software know which attendees are the VIPs? Which are allergic to nuts? Who is that charming companion of the award winner sitting at table #2? If it’s not information available on the night, staff are leaving themselves open to faux pas or worse.

It’s not event managers to blame: often with check-in software, clients are forced to use a rigid, specific system and a series of fixed data fields, or otherwise pay ridiculous prices for bespoke creations.


Customization as standard

Unlike other services, Snafflz enables its clients to customise guestlist datafields exactly to their needs.

Snafflz is a dedicated events platform – you can customise everything as necessary but the mechanics of the app will support everything without room for error. An organiser can use existing lists and data too. It means augmenting rather than dramatically changing the way you work.

Guest lists can be built in seconds by importing data direct from Excel or your address book, and can even show photos of the guests at check-in – a real win for every entry manager and event host.

Snafflz is an elegant event management software. It can be bought for general use, or our team can quickly customise the software for your individual event.


Real-world application in Dubai

This is exactly what Snafflz did for Motor Village Dubai when they decided to reorganise their high-profile tradeshows.

Without changing all existing systems they were looking to streamline their event, which made Snafflz the perfect solution.

Our team was approached to manage their very first luxury multibrand motor show at Dubai International Financial Centre and was selected to be MotorVillage’s official event technology partner.

For five days 26 premium cars from 12 AAA car brands incl Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Lotus, Maserati, McLaren, MINI, Porsche, Rolls Royce and SRT were enriching the breathtaking backdrop of downtown Dubai, DIFC.



Naturally, keeping the brand identity is of uttermost importance and Snafflz was the perfect partner as it serves a global range of brands.

MotorVillage’s special requirement was to enhance the check-in experience dramatically: more welcoming, more personal, more exciting  - like the private portal into the fascinating world of luxury cars. Yet capturing all visitor data and understanding who are the key leads.

The event professionals at Snafflz know that the entry literally is the gateway into an immersive experience, and Snafflz ensured that at MotorVillage every guest felt already part of an intriguing new environment when walking in.

We offered an immediate and innovative solution to MotorVillage’s organisation team, who were keen to develop a gamified check-in experience, allowing exhibitors to use a white label version of Snafflz tailored to the brand.

An interactive event prize hunt encouraged visitors to make sure to see each car at each stand within the glamorous exhibition area.

QR code guest check-in scan functionality, enhanced especially for MotorVillage, meant that exhibitors could even capture insightful leads - such as car preference or level of income – from visitors who had not registered for the event beforehand.


Warm welcomes and fond memories

We at Snafflz are aware that the event check-in is always the first impression: the way a guest is welcomed sends a message, and this message had better be positive.

More and more events professionals have come to understand that an ideal digital event management service has to be more than just a technical solution – the intuition and knowledge necessary to organise a unique event can pay dividends, making for a night that will be in guests’ memory forever.

No software can act as substitute for a human touch, but simplifying management processes is a blessing, saving professionals hours of working time.

For more specific concerns, the experienced team behind Snafflz works hand in hand with their clients, ensuring that special requirements are met and guaranteeing results.