How to create a feature video – Tips from a producer

Snafflz storyboard - first drafts

First video drafts in storyboard

Shaping your video


When it comes to a software or app, nothing feels more engaging than usability. At Snafflz, we wanted to make sure that we made a system that was intelligent, straightforward and easy to manage.

When we started designing a video to explain our features, the challenge was to connect with the thousands of users around the globe who choose Snafflz for all kinds of purposes. The video had to be universal, smart, colourful and concise.


Snafflz video references

Board of references for the Snafflz video


To ensure all this, the animation was key. It was very important to address the main features and points of Snafflz. The choice of our Fox mascot as the main character allowed us to combine all elements together.


Colour grading on fox studies for Snafflz video

Colour grading on fox studies for Snafflz video


Then it was important to write a balanced script. It had to list the main features and not be boring or too long. These needed to be addressed in a visually-enriching way, so that the motion design could have room to play.

After the script writing, we made a storyboard. That helped us to see how the video would look, and to balance the time between introduction, core features and conclusion. We drew it in pencil even before it made it to the computer. Handcrafted video-making! :D


Snafflz video storyboard

Video storyboard, still in pencil


Narration was also a key point. It had to sound strong and charismatic. And to reflect Snafflz’s versatility and tone.

Then came the multiple edits and changes to ensure that nothing was out of place. From the main features to the tail of the fox, everything was poured over several times.

In the end, it comes down to presenting a video that can be appreciated. Regardless of the scope of each project, it has to communicate effectively. And, of course, to deliver all of Snafflz’s qualities in under 2 minutes!


Video production TIPS

1. Think about who you are trying to reach. Make the video universal.
2. Create a script that’s concise and addresses the main points.
3. Keep motion design aligned with the brand’s values and ideas.
4. Production means constant revision. Don’t rush.
5. Share it on the right platforms.


The final result can be seen here:



Snafflz video credits:

Script, production: Maria Mendes
Motion Design: Leon Vilhena
Art Supervision: Barbara Lippe
Sound: Eduardo Politzer & Christian Dvorak
Voice: Gerard Murphy

(c) 2017 Snafflz Ltd


In the next chapter: our brand new series of How To videos.


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